Ecommerce with Android

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  1. E-commerce
  2. 5-15 Pages
  3. Shopping Cart
  4. Secure credit card processing
  5. Inventory management
  6. Non Customization
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Ecommerce Website Designing with android application.

The basic motto of any online store is to give the users an experience equivalent to that of a brick and mortar store as well as provide the administrator with easy management facilities. At GlobalCluster Technologies Pvt Ltd, we take care of both the requirements by ensuring the following criteria for our online store development services:

  1. E-commerce
  2. Content Management system: ability to upload photos, update text, etc
  3. Ability to do regular promotions when new lines are introduced
  4. Ability to search for product using various ways such as type of product, etc
  5. Ability for customers to ask questions
  6. Ability to capture email addresses
  7. Ability to have favourite products or last shop
  8. Ability to return to shopping page from basket
  9. 5-15 Pages
  10. Shopping Cart
  11. Secure credit card processing
  12. Inventory management
  13. Customer / order tracking or Tracking customer behaviour
  14. Multiple shipping options
  15. Invoicing
  16. Email notifications
  17. Capacity for unlimited products
  18. Creating customer accounts
  19. Mini surveys
  20. Search optimisation
  21. A list of top sellers on the home page
  22. Customer become seller
  23. Browse by Celebrity/Product/Issue/Need/Brand
  24. Ability to change the website whenever we have something new and important to say
  25. Ability to back up data regularly
  26. Ability to unsubscribe easily
  27. Ability to send text messages to mobiles
  28. Ability to view the website in both plain text and html
  29. Copyright and privacy policies
  30. Ability to email on to a friend i.e. I thought of you and sent you this web
  31. Non Customization


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